Jan. 9th, 2007

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That ain’t much of a hard question to answer, all things considered...I think I’d like to go back, like most folk, and see Earth-That-Was in all her glory. That’d be right shiny in my book. Still, that’s awful broad...Earth-That-Was had herself a whole lotta history ‘fore we done went and used her all up.

Now I ain’t all full of fancy learnin’ like the good doctor or Inara, and I’m even less full of historical-type learnin’, but I know a few stories about her in her prime...legends and the like. Think I’d like to see Earth in her prime...that last great hurrah ‘fore we had to kick her to the curb. And I mean the days before the all-hailed exodus...I mean them days when vehicles burned oil and space was still a great, unexplored frontier.

The days when the stars meant somethin’, tiny and bright up in the sky. Days when a ship on water or a vehicle on some vast dirt road...hell, maybe even a horse galloping along some untrod path was freedom. Back then, the world was smaller...and I think sometimes freedom meant more for it. Man never looked past his own horizon to find adventure...never needed soil wasn’t on his own rock to feel that unfettered joy comes from answerin’ to no man but his own self.

I think I’d like to see if that’s even possible...when the world was big and frightsome to them not ready for its size. When the ‘verse weren’t a territory, but damn near a religion.

Then again...I guess ain’t much changed in that way, has it? ‘Verse may be smaller, and might be a rock or a spaceship you call home ‘stead of a house...but that vast wide black out there? It’s still a big ruttin’ space...and there’s still men and women that look to it for freedom.

In its own way...I guess the ‘verse is still her own religion.

Muse: Malcolm Reynolds
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Words: 332


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