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She’s trouble on two very fine legs that, at the moment, were propped up on the edge of the table in the dining area. Trouble walking...Mal knew it the very first day he met her.

Well...maybe the second day, truth to tell. The first day, he was too distracted by Bester’s stupidity and naked backside, Inara’s own rather pleasant state of nudity, and the relief of finally being skybound once again.

But the next day, all it took was a few minutes of standing in the engine room...a place that had once been part of his rickety little kingdom transformed into a land where she ruled with an iron fist and a gentle touch. He knew right then that she was trouble and nothing but.

And yet she turned his head so hard, sometimes he forgot which was right and left or up and down.

Getting involved with them that were in his employ was tacky, not to mention dangerous. Mal knew it, and that’s why he’d managed to avoid that eventuality thus far.

But still, in moments like this...when he was caught in a doorway, unseen, and she in an easy moment, was easy to forget for just a little while. In those moments, he wondered what it might be touch her, to taste her, maybe even put a grav boot on that restless ship before she could fly away again.

But then she saw....felt him somehow, and with a turn of her head and a coy, dark smile delivered with an instinct that would have made her a hell of a Companion, it all melted into a warm puddle of nothing.

It brought upon him the worst part of forgetting: the moment when you finally remember.

Muse: Malcolm Reynolds
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Words: 297
From: (Anonymous)
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