Mar. 6th, 2007

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Am I a lucky fella? Reckon I am...though that opinion tends to change depending on the day...and on the job. Don’t feel all that lucky when work is slim, or when folks don’t pay what they promise. Those are the worst days...when someone gets it in their head to try and stiff us, and ain’t no matter how the standoff goes, we get humped in the end.

I ain’t so lucky those days, by my opinion.

Still...there’s other days. Job goes smooth and lemme tell ya, those occasions are few and gorram far between, we all get paid...fuel enough for a while, plenty to eat...hell, maybe something ‘sides protein. Those are the days when the world’s as it ought to be. I feel pretty durn lucky those days, in general.

Ain’t much better than that as a rule, and I work damn ruttin’ hard to make sure it don’t get no worse...but there are days. Not when it’s that low, but when the spirits lift a mite above just lucky, or even damn lucky. There’s the days you feel lucky to be alive...beatin’ back Death or something bigger. Takin’ on a monster wouldn’t otherwise be imagined into being if you hadn’t seen it with yer own two peepers.

Me and my crew? We’ve had us a few of those...and I’ll tell you right now, lotsa folks don’t hardly get a single day like that in their lives. Me...I’ve seen more ‘n one. Everyone on Serenity has, ‘cause those days have happened to us all. Us...we done the things couldn’t be done, if you listen to folks. Big things, little things...we won battles was impossible to win. Heart of Gold...Miranda...hell, even puttin’ one over on ol’ Yolanda Bridget Saffron YoSaffBridge.

And that one thing does make me consider myself one of the lucky folk. I got a chance to prove my mettle and I didn’t back down.

But most of all..when I toed that line, I was luckier ‘n most...’cause when I did it, I wasn’t alone.

Muse: Malcolm Reynolds
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Words: 353


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